Sunday, July 23, 2017

A year of Little Running

Time for the annual update on my running activities........ Last year's summer enthusiasm petered out quickly and led to almost zero running between September 2016 and April 2017 - I think it was 4 runs over 8 months. Not surprisingly fitness is at all time low and weight all time high.

So starting this May I decided (once again) to get back in shape. And (once again) it's going very poorly.  I have found it very hard to get excited about running frequently - primarily because it sucks when I am so out of shape.  But I have found it much easier to run when I am traveling.  I've run 13 times away from home (Davis, San Diego, Paris, London, Dorset, Chicago and Maui) but only 4 times here at home.

Guess I need to travel more if I really want to get back in shape although it usually involves far too much eating/drinking so I'm not making much of a dent on my weight!


Ross Luft said...

Hi Alan - I was curious if you could email me about your experience with Dr Brown and surgery. I contacted him to possibly fix my inguinal hernia (not a sports hernia) because he avoids using mesh. Would love your insight and whether or not you would advise I get surgery done with him. Please email me when you have a chance!


Anonymous said...

Alan - I'm sorry to hear your enthusiasm for running hasn't returned. For what it's worth, I thought I would let you know that the documentation of your sports hernia surgery and recovery was an enormous help to me. Naturally, my experience wasn't exactly the same as yours, but having the ability to compare and contrast with another committed runner who had been through the same process was invaluable. Thank you for sharing your experience and continuing to make it available almost 10 years later!

Ross - If you haven't already had your surgery done, it's hard to imagine there being anyone better than Dr. Brown.