Sunday, March 7, 2010

2010 So Far...

Figured it was time for an update to the blog, which has been neglected so far this year. Main reason for the neglect has been the unimpressive running situation. I finished 2009 on a high, with PRs in every distance. January started well with the first 2 weeks in the mid 50's for mileage. As the rains started I was enjoying running thru the mud and puddles. Then I had a right calf issue after one particularly wet run - I think I strained something jumping over a deep puddle. It was really tight in the top of the calf muscle.

At the same time I got really busy at work, so decided to take a few days off. After some rest it was OK, but still really tight, and also my left calf was starting to hurt, this time at the bottom of the calf muscle (or the top of the Achilles).

Last 3 weeks of Jan were 20-30 miles, running every other day, but the reality was I should have been resting as each run was hurting after 3-4 miles. There were a couple 10 milers that were pretty ugly on the way back home.

So I took the first 12 days of Feb off completely, and then we went to Hawaii. Ran there for a nice easy 5 and couldn't walk for the rest of the day. Decided I was not in great shape. Right calf was OK, but the left calf/Achilles was definitely not healed. So didn't run again for that week.

After Hawaii (and another 8 days rest) I tried and easy 5, and it was OK. Not great, but not terrible. 2 days later I went out again and cut my run short after 3 miles with Achilles pain.

Then I gave it 10 days off which brought me up to this morning. Went out for an easy run, Achilles was tight to start but eased up after 1/2 mile. But by 2 miles it was hurting so I turned around and finished a sloggy 3.5 mile run.

So unfortunately I am now admitting to having a messed up Achilles which isn't going to get better if I rest a week, run, rest a week, run..... It's not as bad as my previous Achilles issues back in 2007, so I think I can get thru this reasonably quickly. I plan to take off the rest of March, do plenty of eccentric calf stretches (which is the miracle cure for Achilles problems) and then hopefully will be able to start building up slowly again in April. If all goes well, I should be back to 30+ MPW by the time I get to May.

I had planned to run the Oakland half marathon late March which is out the window now, and Bay to Breakers in mid May is now looking awfully close - I may still run it, but I won't be up at the front running with the Kenyans!

Not really the start to 2010 that I had hope for but all part of the fun I guess. The real challenge for the next couple months is not putting on anymore weight! Already I am 10 lbs heavier than I was for Chicago.