Monday, July 30, 2018

This is a slog

2 weeks later, and this still sucks.  Lost about 5 more lbs, trying to run every other day, but finding too many excuses to skip a day. Still really slow, things ache. A long way from any semblance of comfort, enjoyment or speed. Hopefully next 2 weeks are better, but I somehow doubt it, especially as one of them will be in Mexico.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Not So Bleak?

OK, inspired by all of this I looked more closely at the GPS from my recent runs. 

If I take out stops for traffic & lazy-ass walking most running was 9 something pace, so not quite as bad as I thought. Further inspired by that I went for a run, and instead of running on roads where I have to stop all the time (which is a good thing given my fitness), I ran the 1/2 mile to the high school track and just ran for 5K.

Started out at a reasonable pace and tried to just keep going.  Ended up running it at just under 9 minute pace. So I think getting to 8 minute pace (25 mins) in 8 weeks in a race should be doable if I just get back to running regularly. 

Of course, I will probably wake up tomorrow injured.

A New Beginning

Pretty sure I've made this exact post before but here goes......
...35 lbs heavier than when I was my fastest fastest was never that fast
...haven't run over 25 miles/week in 4+ years
...have only run 37 miles this entire YEAR
...haven't seen an 8:XX mile in at least a year
...Last run was at 11:43 pace

If I extrapolate these numbers forward I am going to be 250 lbs and completely sedentary before I'm 60, which isn't part of the plan, so it's time to get back to running. I've said this 20 times over the last 6 years, so to help I have signed up for a race.

Race #1 - 5K race (corporate work thing, so high embarrassment potential) in 8 weeks. Suckered into signing up. Gonna suck for sure. Was thinking I could drag my ass to a 25 min finish (~8 min miles) but looking at my current fitness, reviewing my progress when I first started running at age 40, and getting some input from some of the running message boards I think that is highly unlikely. Reset goal to running vs walking, and not puking in public.

Race #2 - Half marathon in October. This is really for my son (17 year old, fit, fast soccer player, natural athlete). He wants to do a marathon before college, so I'm helping him transfer his natural speed and soccer fitness (and youth) into a reasonable marathon time. I promised to run "with" him in the races. No way I am keeping up, so goal will be to finish before they pack up the beer tent.

Race #3 - Marathon in the spring. TBD.

Thinking about this it looks like 8 minute pace might be a target for me to strive for.....
1) Run an 8 minute mile. Seems easy, but I bet I couldn't do it right now
2) 25 minute 5K
3) 50 minute 10K
4) 1:45 Half Marathon
5) 3:30 Full Marathon

They all seem like achievable goals I can get behind, assuming I can shed some pounds (Tough to run carrying 35 lbs of anything), and not get injured. So let's see how this goes!

Edit: Just to clarify, I don't think those 8 minute pace goals are achievable in the next race (i.e the 5K in 8 weeks), just that they are achievable in this iteration of my running life