Thursday, January 31, 2008

January Summary

So January is over.

My biggest ever training month.

January Totals:
-- 1 race! New Year's 10k in 40:24, New PR (6:30 pace)
-- Ran 315.2 miles
-- 30 out of 31 days of running
-- Up to 84 miles in biggest week
-- Longest run now up to 22 miles
-- Fastest pace 6:25 (5k time trial in 19:38)
-- Started doing strides weekly

February Goals:
-- Half Marathon on 2/3
----- see yesterday for goals
-- Adjust training paces based on 2/3 race
-- weekly mileage steady in 70's
-- run every day, 4 heavy weeks
-- Around 280-290 for the month

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Scientific Fitness Assessment

So after much analysis of previous training VS racing performance, trending of various charts, large quantities of very dubious science I have come up with a definitive range of how fast I can run a half marathon this Sunday.

Best case 1:24:52 (6:28)
Worst case 1:28:50 (6:47)
  • The science behind the best case is a little more "sciency" than the worst case in that it involves more averaging of times vs just picking a few specific data points.
  • Now I get to add the fudge factor for "ease of course". This is definitely the easiest half marathon course I have ever done so that also moves me closer to best case scenario.
  • Weather is the unknown. All my previous races have been in good/neutral weather. if it's windy all bets are off.
Bottomline is that my goal of 1:27:30 should be very doable, with a good chance of going faster. So I'm tweaking my previous plan a little to start more aggressively to give me a shot at going best case if things don't fall apart. Here's the new scenario, which I think will be fine thru about mile 7-8, and then it is going to get pretty tough.
  • Miles 1-4.5 Go out at 6:35 (or faster), push the downhill parts - average 6:32
  • Miles 4.5-6.5 Nice downhill - go flat out - average 6:13
  • Miles 6.5-10 Hold on at 6:34 (Assess situation at mile 8)
  • Miles 10-13.1 Long kick home, go for 6:29
  • Overall Time 1:24:59 (6:29)
So wrapping up, here are my overall goals for Sunday
  1. New PR - sub 1:29:56 (6:52) - I will be very disappointed if I miss this
  2. Sub 1:27:30 (6:40) - I expect to get this
  3. Sub 1:26:30 (6:36) - I'll be very happy with this
  4. Sub 1:25:00 (6:29) - I'll be ecstatic with this!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tuesday Tempo Taper

Tuesday means tempo run. But it's my cutback/mini-taper week so the plan for this week is reduced mileage (44 vs 84). Instead of 6 miles tempo at tempo pace +12 seconds, it's 3 miles at true tempo pace (6:42).

Picked an easy (ie. net downhill by 100') course and after a couple miles warmup decided to go a little faster than tempo (6:42 is based on the 1/1 10k race, but is probably closer to 6:35 right now). Had a lot of energy since I didn't run at all yesterday and I'm getting pumped up about the race on Sunday, so this was my last real chance to see where I'm at before the start.

First tempo mile was fast, at 6:13 but it didn't feel too hard, so I kept at that pace thru mile 2 (6:12) and then the final mile was slightly uphill. Tried to stay on pace but slowed to 6:18 (which was an increased effort). Average for 3 was 6:14, which was way fast, and the effort was over tempo (HR peaked at 175 at teh end of that 3rd mile!). But it felt great. I also accidentally beat my 5k PR with a 19:29.

All in all, a good confidence boost for this weekend. I should be able to hit those 2 downhill miles in the middle pretty quickly (around 6:15ish), which is going to give me a big buffer during the final 6 miles that go up/down the coast.

I'm ready! All I need now is some good weather.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Another Big Sunday

Today was my 32nd consecutive day of running and I wrapped up this particular phase of training with a big one. For the past 4 1/2 weeks I've run every day, averaging a little over 10 miles every day. Prior to this phase I'd only been over 60 miles once in a week, the last 4 were 69, 73, 74 and this week came in at 84 miles.

Running this much definitely has an impact: 8 mile runs now feel ridiculousy easy, whereas they used to be something that I'd feel the next day. Of course, the downside is that I am constantly dealing with aches and tiredness, but it's more of a general ache vs any specific area hurting. I've added some core work (crunches etc) and some weights into my daily routine which along with lots of stretching usually takes an hour in front of the TV every night. That's followed by 30-45 of icing. I really believe that is helping me handle the high mileage with no real problems (touch wood...)

The other big impact of this sort of mileage is my weight. I'm way down to 147lbs, which is 15lbs below where I was when I started to run every day back in October 2007. I need to start eating a little more food or I'm going to waste away. Speaking of waists, I'm down to 29" (from 32-33) and have had to buy a bunch more jeans. I haven't been this weight since I was 18, and I've never been this fit. Despite being skinny and doing ab work, I am still completely devoid of any type of defined stomach muscles. I guess the layer of beer is keeping them hidden from the world. So Matthew McConnaughey has nothing to worry about just yet.

Today's run was another 22 miler, with most of it planned at easy pace (round about 8ish pace). Once again, a hilly course, and the weather promised a soaking at some point during the 3 hours I'd be out there.

First 13 miles went by uneventfully at 8:00 average pace. A couple smaller hills and then started a bigger climb. At 13 I hit the trails, and they were muddy and steep. Slipped and slid my way up and down for 3 miles at 8:09 pace until I got back onto the road. 3 more easy and then I started to pick it up. I had planned 5m at marathon pace (7:06) but the course didn't really work out too well for that. Instead I went for just 1.5 miles but at sub HMP (half marathon pace - 6:40). Hammered them out at 6:33 pace. That felt great to be going that fast after 20 miles. Then an easy mile homne for 22.09 at 7:54. Once again I could have easily done the next 4.1 miles to complete a marathon if I'd felt like it, so a 3:26ish marathon is not going to be a problem. Plus, I'm only planning on running flat or net downhill marathons, so I'm feeling pretty confident about a 3:20 in Edinburgh. Of course, I can screw that up pretty easily by going for a sub-3 and crashing.

Here's today's profile, there is no way I would ever do a marathon like that....

Now it's an easy week, with tomorrow being a complete day off from running. Just 30 miles Tues-Sat and then it's time to see if this mileage converts to a fast race for the Kaiser Half Marathon on Sunday.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Fast Friday

Friday means fast miles. It was my last half marathon pace miles before the Kaiser half marathon on Superbowl Sunday. Today's plan was to do the middle 7 miles of a 10 miler at 6:40 pace. I've given up finding flat courses around here (unless I want to do lap after lap on the track) so had a course that went out 5 miles and back 5 miles. Planned to start the HM pace stuff at 1.5miles and end at 8.5.

This meant a 75' climb in the first 1/2 mile, then down 200' over the next 3 and a bit. Then a climb back up of 200' after the turnaround. The 7m ended at the top of the hill, which was a little masochistic.

First mile was about 7:00, which was OK due to the climb. Next 3 miles were fast at 6:28 with one half mile dipping to 6:20 pace. Then I turned around. I knew I'd run about 6:25-6:30 going out, so needed to run 6:50-6:55 coming back, so I tried to keep in that range.

It was very wet and pretty windy and not a lot of fun. First 2 miles back averaged 6:54, then I had a 90 degree turn and was running into a headwind that seemed a lot stronger than the tailwind was on the way out! Slowed me way down to 7:12. Managed to get things back on track with a final mile at 6:57, which included the final climb to the peak.

Overall the 7 miles were at 6:44, which seems close to 6:40 but over a half marathon, 4 seconds/mile is almost a minute. Average HR was 167, which is about right for half pace (miles 2-8 of my last half averaged 168).

So where does that leave me for Kaiser....?'s gonna be close. excel charts/data say I can do 1:27:30 or better
......this run says it's gonna be hard
...Kaiser course is much easier than today
......there's a 2 mile downhill stretch that I can do at 6:15ish - that's ~1 minute saved!
...race effort is more than training effort
...race adrenalin helps
...competition helps

So, surprise surprise, my plan is that I am going to go all out. Data says I can do it, so I'm gonna believe that and not what my body is telling me. I'm going to pace for just faster than 1:27, (6:37) for the first 4.5 miles - I know I can do that OK. I'll run the downhill 2 miles flat out (6:15 ish) and see where I am halfway through as I come out of the park and hit the coast road. I figure I should be on pace for a 1:26 but the 2nd half is harder and I'll be on teh edge by then. I'll try to hold the 6:37 pace as long as possible and then hope that adrenalin/guts carry me home.

That gives me a chance of a monster PR down around 1:26, but also a reasonable chance to meet my actual goal of 1:27:30. Of course, it could all go horribly wrong and I could end up dragging my ass home in something the wrong side of 1:30, which would be a big blow to my unrealistic sub-3 goal for Edinburgh.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Midweek Update

As the runs get longer, it's harder to find the time to keep the blog updated..... Here's the last 3 days:

Mon - easy 9.5m at 8:03
Tue - tempo 7.5m at 6:52 - 9.25m @6:59 overall
Wed - easy 8.05m - with 8xstrides

seem to be through my tired leg issues. I think those 20+ milers just take their toll.....

shoe issues also seem better. any achilles aches seem have to gone away, still have some knee pain, probably caused by a combination of increased mileage, more fast stuff (strides) and less shoe! it's not like it was when i first had knee problems so i'm not too worried about it.

hoping to get thru my early morning 13 miler tomorrow without getting too wet - forecast is not promising...

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Tired Legs

At the end of another big week (73.8 miles) my legs are tired. I've run 216 miles in the last 21 days and that is a lot for me. My schedule is 4 hard weeks, then one easy. So that means one more big week before I get a break (and even a day off!)

Plan for this week is to hit 80 miles
Mon - easy 9m
Tue - tempo 7m at 6:54 - 9m overall
Wed - easy 7m - with 7xstrides
Thu - medium long 13m
Fri - HM pace run - 7m at 6:40 - 9m overall
Sat - easy 11m - w 8xstrides
Sun - long 22m w miles 17-21 at MP (7:06)

I am thinking I will have tired legs again in a week's time.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Last 4 Runs

Been a little lax with the updates.....

Wednesday - 9.35 miles easy (7:55) - uneventful
Thursday - 12.21 miles easy (7:54) - uneventful
...both of those were nice low HR runs (138 & 140)
Friday - 9.46 miles at 7:07 with 6 miles at 6:43
...a little off my 6:40 goal, but the 6 were up/down/up, so OK
...felt better this week than last
...HM is in 15 days. It's gonna be tough to do 1:27:30 but I am close
Saturday - went long today instead of tomorrow
...21-22 miles was the plan.

Picked a 3 hill course, with big peaks at 6, 10.5 and 14.5. Goal was easy (8ish pace) with maybe a few MP (7:06) miles towards the end if I felt good.

Steady climb to peak 1 (mile 6) at 8:05 pace
6-10.5 was down and then up even further, did that at 7:56
10.5-13.5 was down and that flew by at 7:28
Next mile was steep & slow. 400' up in about 1 mile - 9:05
...this was up the backside of the dish, from Alpine Rd.
Then a big mile down at 7:27
15.5-20.5 were rolling at 8:04
Then I decided to do a fast mile....
...aimed for 3 hour pace (6:52)
...managed 6:53, without too much trouble
Easy final .5 mile to recover
22.01 miles overall at 7:54
...2 hrs 54 mins 22 secs - which is a long time to be running

I am pretty sure I could have done another 4.2 in 35:38 (about 8:30) so I could have done a 3:30 marathon today! So I am convinced that a 3:20 in Edinburgh should be very achievable, and I have a good shot at getting much closer to 3:00.

Here's the elevation from today....

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Quick Update

Solid Tempo this morning - decided it's time to start stretching it out a little, so I went from the normal 6 fast (8 overall) to 7 fast (9 overall). Did the seven at 6:52 which is just a little faster than planned (6:56). Felt good as it was cool and misty (Mother Nature's AC was on). Heartrate was 2-3 lower than normal, which may have been due to the weather or could be due to an incredible leap in my fitness.

Relaxing recovery run yesterday - 5 miles, super slow

Rest of the week is planned as follows......
...Easy 7 miler, with strides tomorrow
...Medium 12 miler Thursday
...Pace run Friday - 6 miles at planned HMP (6:40), 9 overall
...Easy 10 miler Saturday, with strides
...21 miler on Sunday, last 2 miles at current MP (7:06)

Should be about 73 for the week, like last week.

Still doinking around with the shoes. The Elixirs are awesome (ran the last 65 miles in them), but I will trash my shins if I run 70+ in those every week. Spoke to the guys at the shoe store and they recommed trying the new Inspires again, and just trying to gradually rotate them in. The basic chassis of the shoe is the same as the previous model, so they think it's more likely just running in a newer shoe, vs running in a different shoe. We'll see....

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Big Sunday, Big Week

A long run today - 20 miles with the second 10 planned to be at marathon pace (7:06). I picked a pretty hilly route with the first 10 being familiar and then a new 5 mile section and then a familiar route to finish.

Ended up being pretty damn hilly! Got thru the first 10 miles in 1:21:24 (8:08 pace) but I didn't start the fast stuff becuase I was on this steep muddy up/down trail. I certainly couldn't run 7:06 up it, and it didn't seem to smart to try and run 7:06 down it. So it wasn't until 11.5 that I picked up the pace.

Covered the next 8 miles at 7:12 which was OK as it was pretty rolling with a couple steep 100' climbs thrown in there. I was feeling a little guilty about shorting the fast miles so I ran miles 18 and 19 quicker at 6:49. It felt great to be running at sub 3 hour marathon pace after 19 miles. Especially at the end of another big mileage week. Tired at the end, and 40oz of gatorade went down real fast once I was home.

Mileage for the week was just over 73 miles. A monster PR week for me. Next 2 weeks should be about the same mileage, with the long runs going to 21 and 22. Fortunately I don't have the long fast miles planned in those, but January is looking like it'll be over 300 miles (a big jump from 230 in December, which is the only other 200+ month I've ever run)

Easy 5 miles at super slow recovery pace tomorrow, which will be a welcome change from the last few days.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Half Marathon Pace

Today was pace day, and the next race is a half marathon, so that means half marathon pace. Goal for the next one is 1:27:30, which is 6:40 pace. Today's run was 9 miles with 4 planned in the middle to be at race pace.

Couldn't run this morning as work rudely got in the way so I decided to run at lunch. There's a group that runs every day and usually there's a range of paces.

Started real slow and then sped up to low 7's. There were three of us running together by then. After 3.5 miles it was time for race pace. Ended up a little fast (6:35 average for the 4 miles) but it was pretty steady. Definitely a workout, and heartrate for that portion averaged 171. My usual HM rate is 167 so I am not quite where I need to be. But with over 3 weeks to go before the race I'm in good shape

Good news on the shoe front.  Ran again in the Elixirs (the shiny fast red ones) and have no problems/aches etc.  I'm gonna dump the new Inspires and try to get some of the old model.  If I can't I'll just run in the fast ones all the time.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


So it's been new shoes week. On Friday I needed to replace my running shoes. Mizuno had upgraded the shoe I use (Mizuno Inspire) from the 3 to a 4. Basically the same shoe but they did make some changes (vs just the normal paintjob changes). I ran in it Sat/Sun/Mon/Tues/Wed and I've been feeling a few more twinges in the legs/knees than in recent weeks. Not sure if it's the shoes, the increased mileage or the introduction of strides.

Last night I picked up some more new shoes. These are also Mizunos, but this time the Elixir 3. This is a lighter weight (therefore faster) shoe. The plan is to use this one for my tempo work, pace work, speedwork and races, and use the Inspires for everything else. I ran in them today to try them out and did an easy 12 miler. They definitely feel faster. The run was good, less knee/hip twinges than in the Inspires. We'll see how the knees/calves feel this evening. I'll use them again Fri and Sat and see if they are better.

I am thinking that the Inspire 4s are just not a good match for me. I'll see if I can load up on 4-5 pairs of the old model, which will get me thru the training for Edinburgh, and then I'll see how it is in June.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Quick Update

Solid Tempo this morning. 6 miles at 6:53 (8 miles overall)
Relaxing recovery run yesterday - 5 miles, super slow
10 miles easy (7:45) on Sunday.

Rest of the week is planned as follows......
...Easy 7, with strides tomorrow
...Medium 11 miler Thursday
...Pace run Friday - 4 miles at 6:40, 9 overall
...Easy 10 Saturday, with strides
...Sunday, 20 miler, 10 miles at MP (7:06)

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Pain is Temporary....

....Glory Lasts Forever

So if you think you are hardcore, and have worked out how to push thru the pain barrier, check this video out..... Pretty extreme stuff.

Good Timing

Did my long run this morning, and got back just as the rain started. Wasn't too excited about the prospect of running 19 miles wet and cold so I was very happy about that.

Run was good and on the same hilly course that I ran a few weeks back; 15 miles at 8:00 pace, then 3 fast miles at 7:04 (which is supposedly about my current marathon pace), then 1 mile cooldown. 7:48 pace overall. Didn't feel bad at all, even coming at the end of a 66 mile week that included a hard 10k. Guess this training stuff really does make you fitter. My existing injuries (right knee, left achilles) are both fine so I guess it's just a question of what will break next.

Close the week out tomorrow with an easy 7-8 miler, I am meant to do some half marathon pace (6:40) miles in that but I'll probably bag them.

Next week is week 2 in my 5 week cycle and I think that is going to be the one I look forward to the least. It's a step up in mileage again, to around 67 miles but the killer is the long run; a 20 miler on Sunday, with the second half at marathon pace. That's a tough one.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Wet and Windy

I think I have been transported back to England......

It is very wet and very windy (35mph) here today, and after doing that for most of the night it looks like a warzone out there with trees and branches strewn all over the place.

Being the dedicated soul that I am, I went out for my easy 9 miler this morning anyway. No-one of English heritage is going to be put off by a little bit of rain.

I was drenched to the skin within 2 minutes. Everything was so flooded I just gave up trying to avoid the puddles and the hat I was wearing didn't seem to keep the rain out of my face, partly becuase the rain seemed to falling horizontally vs the more traditional vertically.

But the fun really started when I got to the dirt trails in the hills. Well, yesterday they were dirt trails, today they were rivers! Trees everywhere and a lot of water running down from the hills. It was a combintaion run, swim, wade and flight but I did my 9 miles a bit faster than 8:00 pace.

There was a stretch that went uphill into the wind for 3 miles that was a slog but overall it was a very enjoyable run, despite the weather. Usually on my run I'll see at least half a dozen other runners, but today I saw nobody. Bunch of California wimps. Tomorrow looks a little better so perhaps a few of them will brave the elements.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Winter is here

Looks like winter is finally here. Considering that I ran pretty much every day in October, November and December it is quite amazing to think that I haven't run in the rain since last February. But I think that lucky streak is about to end......

The forecast is for some big storms; It calls for rain, rain and more rain. Also lots of wind. Managed to get an easy 10 miler in this morning before the first storm got here, but it was already getting blustery, and the skies have just opened up at about 1pm.

Yesterday was an easy 7 miles with some strides thrown in. Strides help with increased legspeed. You basically accelerate for 50 meters then hold the pace for 50 meters, then jog a minute or two to recover, then repeat. Do this 5-10 times towards the end of an easy run.

Tomorrow it is supposed to rain all day and the wind is going to be about 30mph. Not good conditions for pace running so I will probably just run easy for 7-8 miles, trying to dodge between the heavier downpours. Hopefully the wind will ease a little on Saturday and I can do the fast stuff then up at the track.

I'm really hoping it's not too wet for Sunday's long run (19 miles).

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2008 Running Goals

I've worked thru my goals for 2008, and as I promised yesterday in my 2007 recap I am publishing them for the world to see! I have picked out some key races, penciled in some others and built out the training plan (It's solid thru end of May and then kinda worked out thru the end of the year).

Overall Goals
All the boring, normal goals of staying healthy, listening to my body, stretching etc etc. but the fun stuff is when I get to my goals for race times.

The first incredibly-stretch goal is to run a sub 3 hour marathon, which if training goes well, I will attempt in Edinburgh. If that fails (which is very likely), I will wait until 2009 to retry, and instead focus the rest of 2008 on the other aggressive, but slightly more realistic, main goal. That goal is to go under 1:20 for a half marathon. That's a 10 minute reduction from where I am today. Along the way I will try to run the equivalent performances for 10k, 5k and 1 mile.

Marathon 2:59:59 (6:52 pace)
Half 1:19:59 (6:06 pace)
10k 35:39 (5:47 pace)
5k 17:15 (5:33 pace)
1 Mile 4:59

I have picked out some races - Kaiser half marathon, Edinburgh marathon, San Jose Rock'n'Roll Half, CIM relay (half) - and have placeholders for other races. Here's how the times look if everything is converted to the equivalent half marathon times (I excluded the Edinburgh race)

Increased Fitness
Obviously to run faster, I need to get fitter. I'm using my average heartrate/average speed as a gauge of overall fitness. It's improved a lot over 2007 and here is what it needs to do thru 2008 if I am to hit the goal race times (my heartrate isn't going to change significantly, so this is easy to work out). It's not quite as a big a jump in 2008 as it was in 2007, which is good as life is not linear.

VDOT Analsyis
Another measure of racing ablity is to use Daniels' VDOT tables. Here's my current races, and my goal races converted to VDOTs and plotted. I need to improve in 2008 less than 2007. I think this improvement is just about doable as long as I don't get injured. A full year training at 60 miles per week should give me the improvements I need when you look at my 2007 mileage and the fact that I missed 4 months due to injury.

Mileage Goals
Planned mileage for 2008 is almost double the 2007 figure of 1,507 at just under 3,000 miles. That's running 343 days (I take a dayoff every cutback week, which is every 4-5 weeks). I doubt I'll hit the 343 days but barring injury, or a dramatic change of heart, I'll be in the vicinity of 3k for 2008. Here's a chart of monthly miles since I started running back in April of 2006.

So I am hoping that 2008 is going to be a great running year for me and that I can achieve roughly inline with these plans. Of course, I'll adjust them as I go based on the harsh realities when each of these pretty little dots in excel is converted into a gut wrenching race....

New Year's 10k

Nothing like starting the year off with a race. A 10k in Palo Alto this morning, which I also ran last year. Last year's time was 46:25, today's goals were...
1) New PR (under 41:43)
2) Beat PR by 1 minute (40:43)
3) Sub 40 (super stretch goal)

Based on recent runs I knew I was in shape for #2 on a good course with good conditions, #3 was a stretch on anything except a downhill course. Course today was flat, but miles 2.5-5 were on a dirt/rocky levee in Palo Alto Baylands - so not a great course, but still pretty good. Fortunately the weather was perfect: cold (high 30's), sunny, and no wind.

Did my warmup and lined up at the front. There was a fast looking college kid who I figured was gonna beat me by a long way. Gun went off and he was gone, unfortunately he dragged everyone else and my first quarter mile went by at 5:50 pace (plan was 6:25 - I was pacing for 34:50 to give me a little slack). Managed to get things under control by a half mile and got thru mile 1 running on pace, but a little quick overall at 6:22.

Second mile was spent trying to stay on pace, run comfortably and get the breathing back under control from that fast start. I was feeling a little strained and got thru it in 6:33 (8 seconds slow) to put me 5 seconds off track at just 2 miles. Not a great start....

And just after 2.5 miles it went from paved road to dirt/rocks so I knew I was in trouble. 6:36 for mile 3, 6:37 for 4 and 6:36 for mile 5. I was now behind goal #3 by 40 seconds, and knew that a sub 40 was definitely not going to happen. Things were hurting a lot and I was worried about being able to finish strong at all.

I decided in mile 6 that I needed a boost so planned to catch the guy ahead, which was probably only 50 feet but it looked like a long way. I reined him in after about 1 third of a mile and then passed him. A little kick and I was by. But he wasn't done yet and hung on as we got back onto the roads. I kicked twice more but couldn't get any real separation. Finally as we approached the 6 mile marker I did a sprint and I finally got away from him. That sixth mile was back on pace at 6:24 but it was really painful. Heartrate was up at 180 and I was breathing hard.

The final .21 miles were just a painful blur and I'm sure I didn't look too good, but I did it at 5:59 pace. Clawed back 6 seconds against plan and crossed the line in 40:24. That hurt more than any run I've ever done. I certainly didn't leave anything in the tank.

So I met goals 1 & 2, and set a new PR by 1:19. Also, I beat last year's time by over 6 minutes! But I missed my sub 40, which to be honest, I wasn't ready for today. On a faster course with better pacing at the start I may have done it, but I was struggling to hold the pace way back at mile 2, which was all on paved bikepaths, so maybe not. However, I'm pretty sure I'll go under 40 at my next 10k in March.

Finished 9th overall, which was 3rd in my age group (40-49). I was happy with the run; apart from the silly start I paced things pretty well and had a strong finish.

Next year I have set a goal that I will win my age group at this race! Winner today in my age group ran a 37 something, so I have my work cutout for me.

Happy New Year!