Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Track Day

OK, taking 3-4 months off from all forms of exercise is not recommended unless you want to get fat and out of shape.  I am just starting to see a few pounds drop off, but am still 10lbs more than where I was in June, and 20 more than I was when I was really fit. I am definitely struggling to get back into this running thing and am a little worried that I am going to embarass myself bigtime in Boston next year.

I am finally back to running 5 days/week and almost got to 40 miles last week.  I've done just one short and slow tempo (3 miles at 6:54) which was slower than I ran the Chicago marathon.  Everything else until today has been easy, flat miles.

Today was my first trip to the Tuesday morning track workout.  It was cold (only 38 degrees) at 6am this morning and still dark.  Almost went back to sleep but decided it was time to man up and see if my legs could still move quickly.

Workout was 10x400.  I never liked 400s as I'm not a quick runner at short distances.

#1 was 1:31, or 6:06 pace.  felt OK, but I used to run these at 1:15 not that long ago - that 6:06 pace was what I'd do for much longer workouts like 3x2000m.

Got gradually faster and #10 was 78seconds (5:14 pace).  Felt pretty rough on the last 2 but overall not too bad.  Just comparing these to previous workouts when I wasn't fat and slow shows that a 1:30ish half marathon is achievable.  However the fact that I haven't actualy run 13 miles in one go since June may mess with that a little.

Goal at Vegas (in under 4 weeks) is to run at 6:52 pace (1:30 goal time) for as long as I can and then jog it in.

Then another half in early Feb, one in early/mid March and then off to Boston. in April.