Thursday, October 6, 2011

Another Long Overdue Update

Ok, my post-Seattle marathon blogging has been a reflection of my post-Seattle running.  I strained my calf and had to take some time off.  Finally I am back and ran 4 times last week, with a long run of over 7 miles.  Doesn't sound like much compared to what I used to run, but I think I ran more last week than I have in the previous 12 weeks combined.

The result of that non running is that I am fat and slow.  I am heavier now than I have been since October 2007, and 15lbs heavier than my skinny running weight.

I am very out of shape, 5 miles at 8 minute pace is far from easy.

So the Vegas marathon in December is not going to happen.  I amy do the half, our I may skip as I have a work trip I may need to take to the UK (good excuse to not run).

However, I do need to get my act together as I just got this in the mail......

I have 7 months to get in shape and not embarrass myself in Boston.