Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Track Day

OK, taking 3-4 months off from all forms of exercise is not recommended unless you want to get fat and out of shape.  I am just starting to see a few pounds drop off, but am still 10lbs more than where I was in June, and 20 more than I was when I was really fit. I am definitely struggling to get back into this running thing and am a little worried that I am going to embarass myself bigtime in Boston next year.

I am finally back to running 5 days/week and almost got to 40 miles last week.  I've done just one short and slow tempo (3 miles at 6:54) which was slower than I ran the Chicago marathon.  Everything else until today has been easy, flat miles.

Today was my first trip to the Tuesday morning track workout.  It was cold (only 38 degrees) at 6am this morning and still dark.  Almost went back to sleep but decided it was time to man up and see if my legs could still move quickly.

Workout was 10x400.  I never liked 400s as I'm not a quick runner at short distances.

#1 was 1:31, or 6:06 pace.  felt OK, but I used to run these at 1:15 not that long ago - that 6:06 pace was what I'd do for much longer workouts like 3x2000m.

Got gradually faster and #10 was 78seconds (5:14 pace).  Felt pretty rough on the last 2 but overall not too bad.  Just comparing these to previous workouts when I wasn't fat and slow shows that a 1:30ish half marathon is achievable.  However the fact that I haven't actualy run 13 miles in one go since June may mess with that a little.

Goal at Vegas (in under 4 weeks) is to run at 6:52 pace (1:30 goal time) for as long as I can and then jog it in.

Then another half in early Feb, one in early/mid March and then off to Boston. in April.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Another Long Overdue Update

Ok, my post-Seattle marathon blogging has been a reflection of my post-Seattle running.  I strained my calf and had to take some time off.  Finally I am back and ran 4 times last week, with a long run of over 7 miles.  Doesn't sound like much compared to what I used to run, but I think I ran more last week than I have in the previous 12 weeks combined.

The result of that non running is that I am fat and slow.  I am heavier now than I have been since October 2007, and 15lbs heavier than my skinny running weight.

I am very out of shape, 5 miles at 8 minute pace is far from easy.

So the Vegas marathon in December is not going to happen.  I amy do the half, our I may skip as I have a work trip I may need to take to the UK (good excuse to not run).

However, I do need to get my act together as I just got this in the mail......

I have 7 months to get in shape and not embarrass myself in Boston.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mission Accomplished

Back from Seattle after a quick trip.  Bottomline, mission accomplished, 3:09:31 was the official time, so met the goal of sub 3:10, and get the ability to register for Boston 2012 early as I am more than 20 minutes faster than the qualifying time for my age group (M45-49 3:30).  Not a whole point reading on, but for those that like details......

Start was south of Seattle (the lowest part of the route above), so we shuttled out there.  Shuttles ran 4-6am for a 7am start so I figured I'd get there at 5, wait 30 mins for shuttle and then get to start about 6:15, hit the loo and be in the corral around 6:30.  But for once, everything went really smooth, no lines, no waiting anyway, quick trip and I was sat at the start line at 5:20am.

We started on time at 7 and the first 9 miles went smoothly - mile markers were accurate, pacing was good, weather was perfect.  There was a hill in there but overall I was running just around 7 minute pace and felt good.  At that point I started feeling that a stop in a bathroom was going to be a good thing to avoid an embarrassing side of road #2, as dinner/breakfast weren't sitting too well.  We hit the bridge to Mercer island at 9 and it was about 1.5 miles out and the same back.  After 5 minutes of that I knew I was stopping somewhere, so was crossing my fingers they had a portapotty at the turnaround.  Luckily they did, and I happily gave up 1 minute 8 seconds of time.

After leaving the bridge we went into a long tunnel around mile 12ish.  This obviously messed up the GPS but I kept a steady effort.  From that point on though, everything was off.  Mile markers started appearing at odd places - previously they'd all be 1.00 or 1.01, now they were 0.89 or 1.2.  someone must have been drunk who was placing those.

Then we headed North from Seattle on a raised viaduct, which was all concrete, no crowds, really boring.  Then another tunnel, then a big hill.  I was slowing but tried to keep the pace around 7:15 average.

At mile 20 I did the math and knew that if I could keep under 7:30 pace I'd be in under 3:10, but given the uncertainty of the mile markers I decided to push a little.  Pushed the pace down to 7:05, but mile 21 and mile 22 were both long, so despite the effort, each mile tool 7:30.  Uh-oh, this might be close.....

Mile 23 + 24 were better and I managed to do them in 7:15.

At the mile 24 flag, I had just 2.22 miles togo, time was 2:52:44, so I had 17:15 to cover the distance.  If distances were accurate that's 7:46 pace, although my math at the time wasn't that accurate.  I figured 7:30 would just about do it.

Mile 25 had a climb and I pushed hard.  This mile was short (.89) and I got through in 6:32.  Of course, a short 25 likely meant a long 26 so I had no idea where I was.  Finish was down by Qwest field and made a bunch of turns, couldn't see the where the finish line was. Mile 26 went on forever (post race analysis shows it was 1.2 miles!), I spent 8:56 on that mile despite running under 7:30 pace and was now in serious risk of missing my goal time.

Finally I could see the finish line so I kicked in for the last (hopefully) .22 miles.  Managed that part in 1:19 (6:23 pace) and crossed the line with 29 seconds to spare.

Overall it was an OK effort, I was undertrained and was definitely working hard from about mile 18. My legs got pretty thrashed from all the concrete (combined with very light shoes) and the hills in the second half.

I definitely wouldn't recommend this race.  Despite being in a great city, it was not really an interesting course, not great crowd support (despite their being bands every mile) and the mile markers were a trainwreck.  I know that mile markers/garmins etc are never going to agree exactly, but to have the 25 mile marker almost a 1/4 mile off in a marathon is a very lame thing.

Here's a few photos I found online from the race....

This captures the true glory of running thru a dark concrete tunnel...

This one, the excitement of running on elevated freeways...

Here, the thrill of taking offramps at high speed...

And this one shows the start, where I was still in contention for the win...

And this is me at about 15 miles, when the wheels were still on (plus I deliberately sped up for the camera guy in attempt to get a good photo for once)...

Friday, June 24, 2011

Seattle, here we come!

Seattle marathon is tomorrow at 7am. Should land in time to get to the expo to pickup my bib, buy some GUs (forgot to bring them), then go to the hotel, eat and then try to get some sleep.

Tomorrow will be an early start as I need to get the shuttle out to the start which is south of Seattle. I figure I need to wake up about 4am.

The goal is to run under 3:10, or just under 7:15 mins/mile. This is 12 minutes, or 27 seconds/mile slower than when I ran Chicago two years ago, so in theory it should be doable. However, I haven't trained like I did for that race.

Here is how my weekly mileage for the last 6 months looks compared to previous marathons....

Mileage is way down, especially over the last 10 weeks where I have only gone over 50 miles once. Hopefully mileage isn't the only indicator, if it is I am in big trouble.

Here are some other running measures compared to previous marathons....

Obviously not quite where I wanted to be. The good news is that my recent half marathon time was faster than I have ever run before, so I know I have the speed required. But when I look at the long runs (down 62% from Chicago) and especially the tempo runs (also down 62%) I know I can see some very good reasons to doubt my endurance.

So I am hoping that my better speed and 12 minute cushion get me through what will likely be an uncomfortable last 6 miles. If I can stay conservative for the first 18 miles I think I'll be OK. The plan is to run about 1:35 for the first half and then see how it goes. History says I'll probably start too fast, feel good, keep going and blowup.

But now that I am older and smarter I need to follow the plan so will try to hang with the 3:10 pace group and remember that the goal is a automatic early entry for Boston and not a sub three or PR. Save that effort for Vegas in December.

Guess we'll see....

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Problem With My Flies

Went for an early morning run today at Alviso, which has a number of trails on levees around the evaporation ponds in the bay.  In the evening it gets windy out there but in the morning it's very still, which sometimes means there are areas with swarms of little flies.  Today I ran a new route and encountered a lot of flies.  Basically there was a 2 mile stretch where the air was just back with these little bastards.  Luckily I had sunglasses, but I had to run with my shirt held over my mouth & nose to stop from choking on them.  I passed an old guy walking who looked at me kinda weird, so I stopped and took a photo of myself.  When I got back to the car I looked at it and saw why....  Pretty gross....

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Catchup Time

I have been very poor at keeping this blog updated.  I blame that on the fact that I started a new job at the beginning of April, so no longer have the whole day to sit around and goof off on the internet.  Running has also become something of a challenge to schedule, no more can I go on three hour trail runs during the day.  I am seriously missing the whole "not working" thing, but unfortunately, not working doesn't pay so well.

Last update was the Oakland race, back in March.  April and May were supposed to be solid mileage months so I would be in good shape for the Seattle Marathon at the end of June.  Work schedule has messed that up a little.

I've been averaging only about 45 miles a week, which is very low for this stage. I'd be much happier if that were 70+.  That's the bad news.  The good news is that I'm definitely faster. Oakland was a PR in the half, I ran a very hilly 10K on May 7th, and finished pretty strong. Then last weekend I ran Bay to Breakers and finished in 46:25 (6:14 pace), which is over 3 minutes better than last year. I also finished that race really strong with the last 3/4 mile being run under 5:30/mile pace; usually i fade when trying to finish that fast from so far out.  Track workouts are also quick and I feel in great shape until the runs get longer.

Unfortunately none of these are going to convert to a fast marathon if I don't have the endurance side covered.  I've been doing lots of track workouts (early Tuesday morning with a running group) but only occasional tempos.  Last was a 10K progressively faster (6:50s down to 5:50s) in 40 minutes total, which felt pretty good.

I definitely need to get in some longer tempos (7-8 miles) and also some good solid long runs (18-22 miles) somehow in the next 5 weeks, or Seattle is going to be a trainwreck finish.  I haven't run more than 11 miles in one go since April 24th, so this is not looking like smart training.

So basically I have 3 weeks to get this thing sorted and will hopefully get a couple 50-60 mile weeks in there, then a 1-2 weeks to taper and then it'll be race day.  Hopefully the fact that I am faster, have run a lot of hills and am "only" shooting for 3:09 will get me through without the wheels coming off too badly.

After Seattle I have 5 weeks to recover, then it'll be 18 weeks until Vegas, where I'll be shooting for a PR in the marathon.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Oakland Half Marathon

Arrived in Oakland about 45 minutes before the start.  Weather looked good; cloudy, light winds (5mph) temps in the high 40s.  the full marathon was already underway as it started 90 minutes before the half.  We would meet it about mile 3-4 and run the final 10 miles together.  If all went according to plan I would be running with the marathoners who were doing around 2:50 pace.  This should give me people to chase and catch as my half pace will be about 20 seconds faster.

The plan was to run even 6:25 minute miles, which would be a 1:24:08 finish.  If all was good at mile 10 I would speed up and see if I could get to a PR (1:23:47).  If things were bad I could slow and still get under 1:25 and secure a Bay to Breakers seeded start.

Course is pretty much flat except for a 50-100 drop in mile 1 and corresponding climb in mile 13.

Mile 1: gun goes off and I am off like a rocket.  Look at my garmin and it says 4:55 pace, which I know is wrong.  It was messed up with the building so I keep going.  Ease up a little but still hit the mile 1 marker in 6:04.  Another dumb start!

Mile 2+3.  Got under control here, we were done with the hill and the buildings so I settled down on a comfortable pace which turned out to be about 6:22.  Missed the mile 2 marker but crossed 3 at 18:48, which was 27 seconds ahead of plan.

Mile 4+5.  Uneventful miles.  Felt good, hit a little windy area and tucked in behind a small group to get through that.  Merged with the full, which was not very densely populated!  Still Steady at 6:22 pace.  Mile 5 marker was 31:33, so now 32 seconds ahead of plan.

Mile 6+7. This was in West Oakland, and was long straight sections.  I passed a full marathoner who looked pretty strong and he hooked on to me for these two miles.  Pretty gutsy of him to hitch a ride at 6:20 pace for miles 20-21 of a full marathon but he hung in there. It helped keep me steady as I did my best to pull him along. Splits were 6:17 and 6:19 and I was done with 7 at 44:09, now a solid 46 seconds up on the plan.  At this point I was thinking that a sub 1:25 was in the bag and that a PR was a real possibility.

Mile 8 + 9.  Passed a half runner here and dropped my full marathon shadow but was struggling a little.  We turned back into the wind which seemed stronger now.  I put my head down and pushed on for a 6:26 and a better mile 9 at 6:20.  9 down at 56:55, which was 50 seconds ahead.  Just 4.1 miles to go but I was feeling on the edge.

Mile 10 + 11.  These went round Lake Merritt and lots of twists and turns as it went down various footpaths.  Part of the trail was muddy with puddles and part was new gravel.  After the smooth roads for the last hour this was a big change.  I was struggling but decided it was time to man up and not flake like I did at kaiser.  Managed to hold it together and at the end of mile 11 I caught up with the female marathon leader.  She was doing well but as I caught her she slowed and it was clear she was running on fumes.  With 2 miles to go she was not going to have much fun, but #2 was nowhere in sight so unless she collapsed she had the win (she won in 2:53).  My splits were 6:29 and 6:30, although my garmin pace hadn't slowed much (6:24, 6:22).  these 2 miles came in long (as did the next 2) as I think they stretched the end of the course to accommodate the relocated finish line.  They had to move that to make the full course the correct length after some road changes and since the half/full shared the same start/finish lines I think we had a little bonus distance added!  At mile 11 I'm at 1:09:54, which is 42 seconds up. Fuzzy math tells me that a 6:25 pace will get me a PR so I keep my head down and push on.

Mile 12. Definitely hurting now and I hear breathing behind me from someone definitely working hard.  I think it's the marathon girl hitching a ride so I do my best to run a steady pace.  We go through mile 12 uneventfully, but painfully & noisily, at a garmin pace of 6:22. Mile split ended up being 6:30, so I'm thinking that the PR is getting very close.  I'm now 37 seconds up with 1.1 miles to go.  A PR required me to beat the pacing plan by at least 22 seconds.

Mile 13. surprisingly my female shadow overtook me here.  more surprisingly it wasn't the female marathoner but some tall superfit looking guy.  and yet more surprisingly he kicked my ass.  I hung with  him for a few steps but he was definitely surging hard.  I decided he was not my age group so let him go.  This was the mile with the small hill so I just concentrated on running strong and keeping on pace.  Aiming for 6:25 as I knew that meant a PR.  Mile 13 marker came up and my split was 6:30.  Time was 1:22:54. I had 53 seconds to finish to PR.  However, you can't see the finish yet as they is a late 90 degree bend before the line. (This photo is just before the turn.  Note the huge crowd and relaxed  & comfortable looking running stance!)

Final stretch.  Now I decided that I am not going to miss a PR by slacking the last part and I gave it everything.  Turned the corner at a sprint and the crowd appears and is really noisy. I can see the clock 1:23:16.  I have 30 seconds...... I am flying down the home straight and have no idea if I am gonna make it.  Cross the line, stop my watch and look down.  1:23:33.  Good for a PR of 14 seconds.

Results showed me to be 22nd overall, 4th master, and 3rd in the 45-49 age group.  Overall I am really happy with the race.  Another dumb start but I think that's just how I race.  I managed to stay strong when it got tough in the 8-10 mile range, which was not the case in the last race.

And a race report wouldn't be complete without a "pirate photo".  A good pirate shot has to have no visible lower leg, the other leg planted flat on the ground and the body looking as motionless as possible.  Extra points for suitably pirate-like grimaces!   I swear they try to get these shots. I really like the sticky up thumb in this one!

Next up is Bay to Breakers if I can still get in.  Then Seattle marathon on 6/25.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Race Plans

The race plans are taking shape....
  • Oakland half is in 2 weeks, need to go under 1:25 to get a seeded entry for...
  • Bay to Breakers on May 15th.  Need to beat last year's time (49:48) significantly
  • Late May or early June I will do a full marathon with a goal of running under 3:10 which gets me an early Boston registration spot for 2012.  Choices are:
    • Ottawa, San Diego, Minneapolis or Seattle
    • All courses are OK, and a 3:09 should be doable if I run sensibly
  • San Jose Rock'n'Roll Half marathon is October 2nd.  That will be a PR attempt (1:23:47) with a big, big, stretch goal of getting down to 1:20
  • Marathon PR (2:58:13) attempt in Vegas on 12/4.  They switched to an evening (4pm) start which should be fun.  Want to get somewhere near 2:55 for this one.
  • Then it's almost time to start thinking about Boston in April 2012
Of course, this all assumes I stay healthy and continue to get back into shape.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

2 More Weeks

A couple of reasonable training weeks completed, bringing the total for the last 10 weeks to about 520.
  1. first was a week spent mostly in Hawaii.  Before leaving for vacation did a 15x100m stride workout at the track.  Then ran another 40 or so in Maui for a weekly total of 50.  A little lower than planned, but OK for a vacation week.
  2. 65 miles this week, with a sub 40 minute 10K tempo on the track and a 18-19 miler this morning (longest run in a while).
So I am slowly getting back into shape.  The tempos are OK at 6:25ish pace and they now feel pretty easy, so it's time to stretch them out a little longer and try to get up to 9 at a similar pace.  Trying to get to 70 this week, then 60 and then it's race week in Oakland.

If all goes well I'll get under 1:25 (which gets me seeded entry to Bay to Breakers) and if it is a really good day I'll go for a 1:23 something.  I think I am OK on pace, but not really there on endurance yet, so it's likely to be another crash and burn at mile 10 type of race.

Still haven't picked out the next marathon but it's looking like one of these:
  • Ottawa 5/29 - done it before but it's not a great course.
  • Minneapolis 6/5 - this would make sense if I take the job that I am looking at that involves some travel to Minneapolis
  • San Diego Rock'n'Roll 6/5 - OK course, big event - good destination
  • Seattle Rock'n'Roll 6/25 - same as San Diego
I think a sub 3:10 is realistic in all of those, just need to pick one that fits well with the rest of life and get it done.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Planning Ahead

OK, so despite a crash and burn in the last race, it was still an OK time so I am thinking I can get back into real PR shape.  Thinking ahead on plans, and also considering the changes in Boston registration regulations I have the following basic scheme.....

  1. Run a decent half at Oakland on 3/27 - 7 weeks after Kaiser I am hoping to get into PR shape and do 1:23 something.  This may be tough but I'll give it a shot.
  2. Run a marathon under 3:10 to get early qualification to Boston before September 12th. Now I am 45 my Boston time is 3:30:59 which is a pretty easy run for me, but in order to deal with the problem of Boston selling out in 8 hours they have changed the rules.  People who beat the BQ by 20 minutes can register a week early.  2 days later they ope to people who beat by 10 mins, then 2 days later those who beat by 5 mins.  Then, if it's no full they open to people who meet the qualification time.  So for me, it's a 3:10 to get the early (i.e. guaranteed) entry.  This should be easy enough if I pick a reasonable race, which I am still researching.
  3. Run a fall/winter marathon and PR (beat 2:58:13).  Thinking California International Marathon (CIM) for this.  It's first Sunday in December.  I'd love to be shooting for 2:55 which I should be able to do if I have a good spring/summer/fall of training.
  4. Run Boston in 2012 and win it (HAHAHA)

So that's the plan.  training needs to pick up from the current 60ish to a little closer to triple digits. Although I'm feeling pretty dedicated as I ran it crappy cold wet weather 3 times this week, which is a lot for a soft Californian like me.

Next week I'm hoping to get to 70, but I'm in Hawaii so will probably slack off and drink too much.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Kaiser Half 2011

A beautiful day last Sunday in San Francisco.  When I parked at 7:15 am it was already 67 degrees.  Closer to 70 at start time and approaching 75 at the finish.  Not ideal for the run, but great for the walk back to the car afterwards!

I decided to pace/run for 1:25 which was a little optimistic based on recent training paces.

Gun went off and I went out like a bat of hell.  I blame the fact that I was running on the right of the course, next to the 5K runners, but the reality is that I am just an idiot.

Goal for mile 1 was 6:29.  First half mile was under 3 minutes!  Mile 1 went by in 6:11 and mile 2 wasn't much better at 6:17 (vs 6:30 plan).  So 2 miles in I was on pace for under 1:22 and already 31 seconds ahead of plan.

Got my act together a little for miles 3,4 & 5 and ran them pretty much on target and was now 20 seconds ahead of plan.

Mile 6 was the hill and I flew down at under 6 minute pace.  Mile 7 was fast too and as I hit the great highway and passed the 7 mile marker I was 38 seconds ahead of plan, on pace for sub 1:23.  So I knew it was either going to be an out of the park PR or a disaster.

As we started on the coast road it was really hot.  There was a slight tailwind, so it felt really still.  Pretty quickly I knew this was not going to be the out of the park PR and I knew that I was going to pay dearly for my fast start.  But still, I had a 38 second cushion and only 6 miles to go.  I could afford to drop 6 seconds per mile and still hit my sub 1:25 goal.

Mile 8, I gave up 7 seconds of that cushion.....
Mile 9, I gave up 6 more....
Mile 10 was the turnaround and I was hurting, gave up 5 more with a 6:43.

Now it was back from the zoo to the finish. Hot with a slight headwind. 19 seconds of cushion, and needed to run about 6:35 pace to get under 1:25.

Mile 11 - 6:41, there go 4 of the 19 seconds!  Now I needed to do 2.11 miles in 14:09, or 6:36 pace.

Mile 12.  I tried to get back into the 6:30s several times, but the wheels were falling off at this point.  Heartrate spiked to mid 180s and I knew it wasn't going to happen.  Mile 12 came by in 7:00 and I was now 8 seconds behind pace for the first time.  Now I needed to go under 6:30 to beat 1:25.

I tried that pace for 50 yards but it was an all out sprint for me and there was no way I could do it for another 6 minutes.  With no hope of sub 1:25 I just decided to get 1:25:XX which meant I could jog it in.  Last mile+ was at 7:15 pace and I limped across the line at 1:25:56.

So a combination of weather, mediocre fitness but most importantly crazy aggressive pacing bit me in the ass bigtime.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Race Week

It's now 6 days from my first race in a long time.  Feeling pretty fit, and injury free, but not particularly fast.  Did some 1,200 repeats at the track last week to try and trick myself that I was still quick!  Managed 4 of them in 4:30 average, but it was just an ugly, unpleasant workout.  Before the SF half last year where I ran a sloppy 1:28 I did some 1,200s and averaged 4:37, but a month before that had done some in 4:22, so I have no idea what this means.

Mileage has been OK for the last 2 months, I've averaged just over 50 miles/week.  Not great, but a lot more consistent than 2010.  I've done 5-10K tempos (6:18-6:30 pace) most weeks and something in the 15-20 mile range most weekends, plus lots of hills.

Ran 6 at 6:50 this weekend as part of a 10 miler with a friend who is going to aim for 1:30.  That felt very comfortable, so I'm confident that I can do somewhere under 1:30.  Just a question of how far under!  Sensible plan would be to aim for 1:27ish and see how it's going when I get to the coast at about mile 7.  If it's going well I can pick it up a little on the last 6 miles, if not I can just slog it home.

However, sub 1:25 is tempting as that is the time needed for seeded entry into Bay to Breakers.  Big problem with that is that I don't think I'm in shape to hit a sub 1:25 and will likely die on the great highway.

Anyway, once I am done with this I will be looking at the result and deciding on when to do a marathon.  If I have a good race I'll shoot for May, if it goes badly, I'll look for something a little later in the year.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Magic Shoes

Two weeks until the Kaiser half and as expected, I have not magically gotten into great shape. So the answer is obviously new shoes! Just got the new Mizuno Wave Musha 3. These are a lightweight (8.7 0z) trainer. I've been running for the last 6 months in Musha 2's, which were blue. Obviously red shoes are faster than blue ones so these must be better.

Had a cold/sinus thing that I have been ignoring but it has definitely slowed me down. I think I'm over it now (which considering I am ignoring it is a strange concept) so can't use that as an excuse for a slow race on 2/6.

last week was 58 (planned 60) with a 2x3 mile tempo. i did the first 3 at 6:20 which was a little optimisitc to be honest - more inline with how fit i think i should be and not how fit i am. it felt ok, no doubt aided by the 150' drop over the 3 miles. the 3 coming back (with the corresponding 150' climb) was not at 6:20, but more like 6:40, so not great. The week before was only 40 (planned 70) with a 20 min 5K (6:25) on the track as my tempo.

So realistically i am nowhere near 1:25 shape for a half right now (6:29 pace) and am more likely fit enough to do a 1:27-1:28. however, knowing me, and the course if the weather is good i suspect i will go out way too fast, run the first 5 at sub 1:25 pace, blast through the downhill hitting the beach at mile 7 well on pace for under 1:25. then it will gradually slow until the wheels fall off completely somewhere on the way back from the zoo on the great highway (miles 10-13). if it happens at mile 12+ i'll be ok, if it happens closer to 10 i'm in big trouble.

fingers crossed that the fancy red shoes can do the trick!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mid Jan Update

Training is going OK, I've been running 60-65 miles/week for the last couple, with a 10k tempo and a 5k tempo. I've run every day except New Year's Day so far this year. Starting to feel good on the long runs (~17s) and the tempos are getting a little quicker (5K was at 6:18 pace).

With 4 weeks to go until Kaiser I think I can get into reasonable shape (plans are 70, 60, 50 and 40 miles race week) and have a reasonable shot at sub 1:25 (6:29 pace) I don't think I'm going to get into PR shape (1:23:47 = 6:23 pace)) but I expect I will be dumb enough on race day to go for it and it will be an ugly last 3-4 miles.....

Still haven't decided which late Spring marathon to run. So far it's looking like either Vancouver or Eugene, both of which are on May 1st.