Monday, January 31, 2011

Race Week

It's now 6 days from my first race in a long time.  Feeling pretty fit, and injury free, but not particularly fast.  Did some 1,200 repeats at the track last week to try and trick myself that I was still quick!  Managed 4 of them in 4:30 average, but it was just an ugly, unpleasant workout.  Before the SF half last year where I ran a sloppy 1:28 I did some 1,200s and averaged 4:37, but a month before that had done some in 4:22, so I have no idea what this means.

Mileage has been OK for the last 2 months, I've averaged just over 50 miles/week.  Not great, but a lot more consistent than 2010.  I've done 5-10K tempos (6:18-6:30 pace) most weeks and something in the 15-20 mile range most weekends, plus lots of hills.

Ran 6 at 6:50 this weekend as part of a 10 miler with a friend who is going to aim for 1:30.  That felt very comfortable, so I'm confident that I can do somewhere under 1:30.  Just a question of how far under!  Sensible plan would be to aim for 1:27ish and see how it's going when I get to the coast at about mile 7.  If it's going well I can pick it up a little on the last 6 miles, if not I can just slog it home.

However, sub 1:25 is tempting as that is the time needed for seeded entry into Bay to Breakers.  Big problem with that is that I don't think I'm in shape to hit a sub 1:25 and will likely die on the great highway.

Anyway, once I am done with this I will be looking at the result and deciding on when to do a marathon.  If I have a good race I'll shoot for May, if it goes badly, I'll look for something a little later in the year.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Magic Shoes

Two weeks until the Kaiser half and as expected, I have not magically gotten into great shape. So the answer is obviously new shoes! Just got the new Mizuno Wave Musha 3. These are a lightweight (8.7 0z) trainer. I've been running for the last 6 months in Musha 2's, which were blue. Obviously red shoes are faster than blue ones so these must be better.

Had a cold/sinus thing that I have been ignoring but it has definitely slowed me down. I think I'm over it now (which considering I am ignoring it is a strange concept) so can't use that as an excuse for a slow race on 2/6.

last week was 58 (planned 60) with a 2x3 mile tempo. i did the first 3 at 6:20 which was a little optimisitc to be honest - more inline with how fit i think i should be and not how fit i am. it felt ok, no doubt aided by the 150' drop over the 3 miles. the 3 coming back (with the corresponding 150' climb) was not at 6:20, but more like 6:40, so not great. The week before was only 40 (planned 70) with a 20 min 5K (6:25) on the track as my tempo.

So realistically i am nowhere near 1:25 shape for a half right now (6:29 pace) and am more likely fit enough to do a 1:27-1:28. however, knowing me, and the course if the weather is good i suspect i will go out way too fast, run the first 5 at sub 1:25 pace, blast through the downhill hitting the beach at mile 7 well on pace for under 1:25. then it will gradually slow until the wheels fall off completely somewhere on the way back from the zoo on the great highway (miles 10-13). if it happens at mile 12+ i'll be ok, if it happens closer to 10 i'm in big trouble.

fingers crossed that the fancy red shoes can do the trick!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mid Jan Update

Training is going OK, I've been running 60-65 miles/week for the last couple, with a 10k tempo and a 5k tempo. I've run every day except New Year's Day so far this year. Starting to feel good on the long runs (~17s) and the tempos are getting a little quicker (5K was at 6:18 pace).

With 4 weeks to go until Kaiser I think I can get into reasonable shape (plans are 70, 60, 50 and 40 miles race week) and have a reasonable shot at sub 1:25 (6:29 pace) I don't think I'm going to get into PR shape (1:23:47 = 6:23 pace)) but I expect I will be dumb enough on race day to go for it and it will be an ugly last 3-4 miles.....

Still haven't decided which late Spring marathon to run. So far it's looking like either Vancouver or Eugene, both of which are on May 1st.