Sunday, February 1, 2009

Kaiser Half

So the plan was to get under 1:30, which is 6:52 pace.  There's a pretty generous downhill so that was my buffer, the plan for the rest of the miles was to try and run 6:52 pace.

Here's how it went...
  • Got thru the first 5 in 34:15, so about 5 seconds ahead of plan. Felt pretty comfortable
  • Next 2 included the hill so I flew when I could, and they went by in 13:01, so some money in the bank there. 
  • Miles 8 and 9 were OK at 6:49 - managed to ge back into a steady rhythm.
Then it got tough....
  • Mile 10 6:57 and feeling like crap.  I could see the 1:30 slipping away and realised I needed to pick it up and get back on pace.  
  • Mile 11 was back to 6:52 but it wasn't pretty and I was having no fun.
  • Mile 12 and things were really hurting, but somehow managed to hold it together for a 6:58.
  • Final mile+ .11 includced an uphill.  It was ugly (that picture above was on the final approach at the end of an uphill section - I was feeling even worse than I looked) time was 7:36, which is 6:51 pace - not sure how I did that.
  • Overall ran 1:29:24 which is 6:49 pace.  Came about 240th out of about 5,000. I was happy with the result and the fact that I ran basically according to plan.  I also now have a real gauge of my fitness so I can fine tune my training paces.
It was about 2 minutes slower than my time at this race last year, so I have my work cut out to get into sub 3 hour shape by the end of May.  Next up: Shamrock'n"Half in mid March - daunting goal of under 1:27.......