Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tuneup 10k (5k)

Final tuneup race today.  A flat, certified 10k.  It was hot so I wasn't too sure what I was going to run, so decided to go out at 6:10-6:15 and see how it goes.  

Mile 1 was 6:10 but I was was sweating big time and knew that another 5.2 miles like that was going to be ugly and do nothing to help me in Ottawa next Sunday, so I dialed it way back and ran the next one at 6:25.  Decided at that point, which was conveniently at the 5k turnoff from the 10k, that I wasn't going to get much mental or physical benefit from a 40 minute 10k so turned left to run the 5k, and get out of the heat sooner.

I found I was in second place so picked it up a little to get back on 6:10 pace.  I could see first place ahead and was just doing the math to see if I could get him in the last 3/4 mile when some dufus coming the other way (we had just rejoined the outbound trail and there were lots of slower runners still coming out) jumped out from behind another runner and we collided head on.  I had enough time to get my arms up, he didn't - he definitely got the worst of it (and deservedly so) and I'm not sure if he has got up yet, but I got enough to remove any thoughts of a hero finish to win with a dive at the tape.   Finished in 19:33 (6:15 pace) which was good enough for 2nd.  Winner was 45s ahead, so I wouldn't have caught him anyway. 

10k winner was 36 something so I wouldnt have won that one in any conditions!

So not a great time, but given the weather it was probably the right decision.

and here is the picture......

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Peter Lubbers said...

Yeah, good choice to save it for Ottawa. Next time, bring a helmet!