Saturday, June 21, 2008

Another Hot, Long Race

Ran the SF stadium to stadium 10k this morning. Started late (20 minutes) as the mayor was supposed to showup, but he didn't. It was hot, probably mis 80's at the start and touching 90 at the end. Most of the course was on super hot black roads. Had a 100' hill about mile 3 and a few little lumps. Started near AT&T park and ended in the stadium for the 49ers.

Course was certified, but they ended up moving the finish from the cert so it was about 150 meters long.

Planned to run 6:15-6:20 pace and see what happened (3:53-3:56 per KM). If all goes well that would bring me in 38:50-39:22

Here's the splits.....
KM1 3:49 - fast start, but managed to check myself
KM2 3:58 - slowing - it's hot out there
KM3 4:04 - feeling the hill we just climbed
KM4 3:55 - picked it up downhill a little
KM5 4:04 - bigger hill starts, hurting, but thru 5K at 19:54
KM6 4:14 - over the hill
KM7 3:55 - pick it up downhill
KM8 4:07 - wheels falling off, struggling
KM9 4:14 - in pain
KM10 4:16 - 40:41 thru 10k, where's the F'ing finish?

Extra 150m at 3:57/KM pace. HR up to 182

Final time 41:13 (garmin had me at 6:32 pace)

Not a great race but it was OK given the conditions, the heat completely killed me and I fell apart with 2k to go. It was all I could do to keep up a reasonable pace. Not sure of position etc, the official results aren't up yet.

After this and Thursday's 5K it's pretty clear that I am not good at handling this type of heat for racing, and need to start adjusting my goals when faced with these conditions.

Update with official results...

Official Time 41:16
23rd place out of 900ish finishers
7th in age group

Here's the photo the official photographer took.

Notice how the stadium is packed with supporters who were cheering us to the finish line......

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